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Selling Order now! UBP Official T-shirt

Discussion in 'UBP Merchandise' started by dogfight, Aug 11, 2014.

  1. dogfight

    dogfight Active Member Authorized Supplier

    Order your UBP T-shirt now! To those who are interested please choose your preferred t-shirt color and size, and send me a PM. Thanks! :)

    Regular sizes - P350
    Custom sizes - P450

    1. LBC
    Weight Limit : 2kg
    Metro Manila : P200
    Outside Metro Manila : P250

    2. JRS Express - Luzon Rates
    1/2 kg : P110
    1 kg : P165
    1.5 kg : P200

    3. Pick-up (can be arranged depending on location and time)

    Bank Deposit or COD

    UBP Color.JPG

    UBP Sizes.JPG

    ***We are accepting custom size orders, shirt dimension will have an additional 1-inch for larger sizes, e.g. Male 4XL: 25"x32"
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